Ductwork Installation, Insulation, & Repair in North LA & San Gabriel Valley Bryant Heating & Air Conditioning installs, insulates, repairs, and replaces flexible fiberglass ductwork and sheet metal ductwork. Our expertise in ductwork is unmatched anywhere in the San Gabriel Valley because we’ve been working with ducting for over 65 years and fully appreciate how vitally important it is to a home or business’s heating and air conditioning system. That’s because ductwork is the channel by which all of your conditioned or warmed air travels through your home. It can either preserve your heating and/or air conditioning system’s efficiency or it can waste it. As such, we have made it a priority to know everything there is to know about ductwork as well as how to maximize its functionality.

If you are concerned that your air ducts are leaky, poorly insulated, or hindering the performance of your HVAC system, call Bryant Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll send out one of our experienced, NATE-certified Comfort Advisors who will assess your ductwork and perform a complete airflow assessment of your home. By going from room to room to determine how much airflow is needed in each space, they will determine what should be done to perfect the airflow and reduce leakage to less than 6% of the supply airflow (the new standard for residential buildings). Common fixes include sealing leaks and connections; sealing grills and registers to ductwork; adding and/or enlarging registers; adding or adjusting dampers; and repairing or replacing damaged ducts (e.g. correcting tangled flexible ducts, straightening out tangled flexible ducts, custom fabricating and installing new sheet metal ducts where needed, etc.). Once the repairs are complete, we’ll conduct another airflow assessment to make sure that our duct improvements were successful in enhancing your indoor comfort and air quality while improving your energy efficiency and cost savings.

Ductwork We also excel in installing new ductwork for homes. Having your ductwork be installed correctly the first time is just as important as selecting the right size air conditioning and heating unit to achieve optimal performance and energy efficiency of your system. A cheap installer will often cut corners and give you problems that are hard to recover from. By having Bryant Heating & Air Conditioning handle your new ductwork installation, you can trust that they are installed correctly the first time, allowing you to get the most from your heating and air conditioning equipment. All our ductwork installations are done to code and comply with Title 24 requirements. We install ducting for homeowners that currently have no ductwork in their homes, those that are renovating, and those with older homes that want to switch from less-efficient floor radiators to having registers high up on their walls. We also install specialized ducting with damper ability, which allows for easier adjustments and improved air balancing.

Bryant Heating & Air Conditioning is a licensed, bonded, and insured heating and air conditioning contractor that can be trusted to handle all of your ductwork inspection, installation, and repair needs. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers in Pasadena, Baldwin Park, Arcadia, La Canada Flintridge, Alhambra, El Monte, and other cities throughout the San Gabriel Valley, and an excellent reputation for performing high-quality work at very fair rates. If you are considering having your ducts sealed or repaired when you replace or upgrade your heating and cooling equipment, you may qualify for financing as well as special incentives through Energy Upgrade California’s Home Upgrade Program. Here are some signs your ductwork may need to be replaced. Call today to learn more.

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