With the weather moving steadily toward freezing temperatures, now’s the time to prep your home’s HVAC systems for the coming season. Along with caring for your air conditioner, you should also get your heating system in optimal condition to keep your home comfortable. Here are a few helpful HVAC tips to keep in mind this fall.

Clean AC Unit

Once you’re done using your air conditioner, you’ll want to thoroughly clean off its external unit. This includes removing the cover and gently hosing it down. Be careful not to scratch or bend any of the fins. You can also take a vacuum and collect any leaves or debris accumulated near the bottom.

Don’t forget to cut back any nearby foliage that can knock against the unit when it gets windy. If you get a lot of winter precipitation, a heavy-duty AC cover can stop ice from building up inside the system.

Change Air Filter

The changing of the seasons is an excellent time to replace your air filter. Your old filter is probably full of old hair, dander, pollen and other contaminants from the cooling season, even if you switch it out regularly. Switching it out will improve your air quality and ensure your HVAC system won’t struggle with restricted airflow. A filter left in place for too long can cause a host of problems like leaking, overheating and high energy costs.

Schedule Heating Maintenance

Finally, give your heating system its best chance at getting through the season without a breakdown by scheduling an expert tune-up. An experienced technician will take a deep dive into your system to inspect, clean and repair compromised parts. Annual maintenance boosts your furnace’s efficiency, guarantees its safety and prolongs its lifespan.

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