Outdated thermostats have limited abilities and can often only act as control panels for your HVAC systems. Smart thermostats, on the other hand, come with a variety of capabilities that lower your environmental impact while maximizing your family’s comfort. Here are a few reasons to consider investing in an improved programmable thermostat today.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Many households already use their thermostats to establish settings based on when they’re sleeping or out of the house. However, older thermostats can’t change these preferences automatically, making it harder for you to keep track of your indoor comfort. Smart thermostats will adjust your HVAC use based on the time of day, how many people are in the home or even the weather outside. They optimize your energy usage, lowering consumption when it’s not needed while preserving your comfort.

Tracks Monthly Energy Use

These thermostats can also provide helpful energy reports at the end of every month. They’ll let you know how much power you need to keep your home comfortable. This information can help you make more informed energy decisions in the future. Some smart thermostats will even tell you when it’s time to change the air filter or call for professional HVAC service.

Connects to Other Smart Devices

If you have a whole-home air purifier or dehumidifier, a smart thermostat can make it easier to keep track of all your smart systems. As long as they have compatible platforms, you can easily make changes to your air quality whether you’re lounging at home, working or running important errands.

Your Reputable HVAC Company

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